PHAR launches first ever station naming rights programme in South East Asia


PHAR has launched a station naming rights programme with Prasarana, the Malaysian Government-owned public transport provider in Kuala Lumpur.Following the successful launches of similar initiatives such as the New York Metro, Metro Madrid, Dubai Metro and Mumbai Metro, this is the first time a naming rights project will be implemented in South East Asia.

The programme will enable brands to bid for the right to transform a Kuala Lumpur’s Light Rail Transit (LRT) or monorail station to reflect the brand’s corporate identity and name the station after themselves, in exchange for a fee and enhancing the overall experience for commuters using it.

“The result will be more vibrant stations and a new, exciting experience for commuters while marketers now have a dynamic new opportunity to engage consumers with their expanded brand presence while investing in a better experience for the commuters,” said CEO of Prasarana Integrated Development Sdn Bhd (PRIDE), Rudyanto Azhar in Kuala Lumpur.

“The naming rights tender exercise is part of Prasarana’s commitment to continuously upgrade, improve and evolve Kuala Lumpur’s transportation system for the benefit of the commuters and transform the capital into a world class city,” added Rudyanto.

He also said Naming Rights offers Prasarana a source of ancillary income that does not financially affect commuters.

Commuters can expect enhancements to their journeys on the LRT and monorail depending on the naming rights partner that comes on board. Examples of commuter benefits from successful exercises have included free Wi-Fi and upgrades to stations.

Created in partnership with Malaysia’s leading out of home advertising agency Big Tree Outdoor Sdn Bhd, the programme will extend to the Kelana Jaya Line’s Bangsar & Universiti stations as well as the KL Monorail’s Bukit Bintang station.

“The tender criteria includes how the rights to name the station will add value to the station facilities, improve as well as transform the experience for the commuters using it,” said Jeff Cheah, CEO of Big Tree Outdoor Sdn Bhd which is managing the tender.

“This is a new and exciting opportunity for brands and corporations in Malaysia to expand their reach while giving something back to society through active involvement in their daily routines, but we will nevertheless be very careful about the quality of the brands, cultural values and social sensitivities,” added Cheah.

The tender document will be released on the 15th of July 2014 and the closing date for submissions will be the 20th of September 2014. The first station is expected to be launched in December 2014.

“The Prasarana partnership programme is about giving brands the opportunity to tell a story about their promise and values and to deepen their relationship with consumers. The naming of a station is the starting point for creating a programme that enhances commuters experience and puts something back into KL in a meaningful way,” said, Marcus Wight CEO of PHAR.