opportunity assessment



For rights-holders, PHAR has developed a step-by-step process to identify how the revenues from sponsorship can be maximised. 

For brands, PHAR has created a set of proprietary analysis tools, to provide credible, sophisticated evaluation of any sponsorship opportunity.

Our 20+ years of experience in this sector, and the techniques and toolsets we have developed, take the guesswork out, providing owners of sponsorship properties with objective, evidence-based, robust analysis to help inform and support their strategic planning, investor discussions and sponsorship sales processes. And they provide brands the proof of how their investments in sponsorship have fared.


advertising environment:

design, electrical, and structural

Post the assessment phase we are often involved with operators’ structural engineering and architectural teams to design the advertising environment, including where static sites need to go, how digital screens need to be laid out, basis passenger flow, and passenger dwell times.

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positioning analysis

For both greenfield as well as brownfield projects, we work with operators and brands to identify population density in the area, what the passenger demographics are, how they differ by line or by station, as well as analyze travel patterns (home to airport / home to MRT station). This is done via primary consumer research which we commission as well as digital and social data we gather from a variety of sources.


revenue & Cost estimation

As part of the overall financial modeling, understanding what capital and operational expenditure will be incurred when designing a new advertising environment, what the rate card (and therefore revenue) could be, what the yield is likely to be influenced by, and ultimately what the effect on the project cashflow will be.



We are frequently called on by operators of various infrastructure projects to work with their legal resources in designing the RFP and Tender process, as well as working on judging criteria and key project deliverables as part of the overall documentation process.