PHAR Unveils AirAsia, Bank Rakyat & Suez Capital for the Prasarana Station Naming Rights Programme


The first of its kind in Southeast Asia, the Station Naming Rights Programme offers corporations or brands the opportunity to bid for the right to transform a station to reflect the brand’s corporate identity and name the station after themselves – i.e. AirAsia - Bukit Bintang, Bank Rakyat - Bangsar and KL Gateway – Universiti – in exchange for a fee and enhancing the overall experience for commuters using it. The stations original names are retained in order to denote location. Implemented in partnership with Malaysia’s leading out-of-home advertising agency Big Tree Outdoor Sdn Bhd and UK based marketing and sponsorship specialist PHAR Partnerships, the Station Naming Rights Programme also creates a new source of non-fare revenue for Prasarana that can be used to enhance the services offered to everyone who travels around Kuala Lumpur.

Marcus Wight, CEO of PHAR Partnerships, commented: “We have been working with Prasarana and Big Tree for the last year to create this programme and to see the first three deals announced is very exciting. It is a genuine win-win for all parties, with consumers getting a better customer journey, Prasarana generating a new revenue stream and the brands having the opportunity to engage with customers and put something back into the local community.”

Prasarana Group Managing Director Azmi Abdul Aziz said: “Commuters can expect to see the benefits of the partnerships for them and new experiences at the AirAsia Bukit Bintang, Bank Rakyat Bangsar and KL Gateway Universiti stations when each partnership is launched.”

“It is a great opportunity for brands to create a continuously active touch point that engages consumers with their expanded brand presence, which also results in revitalized and more vibrant stations to deliver a new, exciting experience for commuters,” Azmi said.

“With AirAsia, Bank Rakyat and Suez Capital now investing in the transformation of the stations, we are expecting more interest in the concept which is part of Prasarana’s commitment to continuously upgrade, improve and evolve Kuala Lumpur’s transportation system for the benefit of the commuters and transform the capital into a world class city,” added Azmi.

Spencer Lee, AirAsia Head of Commercial said “We are happy to collaborate with Prasarana Malaysia Berhad and look forward to painting the Bukit Bintang station red! We are very excited to be in the heart of the golden triangle. This collaboration will further elevate our brand presence in the capital’s commercial, shopping, entertainment and tourist hub.

“The initiative is in line with our business expansion plan to tap into the private sector. It is also an alternative channel for our customers to reach us via the mini kiosk, ATM, CDM and ground activities which will soon be available at the Bank Rakyat - Bangsar Station.’ said Datuk Mustafha Hj. Abd Razak, Managing Director/President of Bank Rakyat.

“In-line with our brand promise to be a leading community builder, Suez Capital strives to enhance the living standards of our residents and communities surrounding our developments. With the KL Gateway development well underway, we believe that the residents, working professionals, retailers and shopping patrons will be able to experience better travelling convenience, especially when a 100-meter covered linked bridge will be built, connecting the KL Gateway Shopping Mall to the now renamed KL Gateway - Universiti Station," said Datuk Ter Leong Hing, Group Managing Director of Suez Capital Sdn Bhd.


The stations will be officially launched starting August 2015.