PHAR Music connects the New FIAT 500 with Ella Eyre


The New FIAT 500 re-masters an iconic track with Ella Eyre at an exclusive eventThe New FIAT 500 and British singer-songwriter Ella Eyre are set to re-master one of the world’s great pop tracks live in London today. Specially-invited guests and members of the media will see the New FIAT 500 on stage with Ella Eyre as they perform a specially re-mastered version of the No. 1 track “Best of My Love” by The Emotions bringing the UK launch of the New FIAT 500 to a spectacular conclusion. Details of how the New FIAT 500 will make its contribution to the track, and where the landmark London location for this special event will take place, are both still under wraps, however.

PHAR Music worked with Initials Marketing to put together an integrated partnership which involves advertising assets, content, social, the event itself and the recording and clearance of a new track for the TV campaign which starts on 4th September.

Commenting on the collaboration with the New FIAT 500, Ella Eyre said: “It’s great to be working with FIAT, I loved working on the track – which I am really pleased with - and I’m looking forward to debuting it live in such a unique way.”