Mayor of London appoints PHAR Music to find partners for Busk In London

  • Today Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, announced the Busk in London scheme

  • Backed by Westminster, Network Rail and TfL, the scheme will make it easier to busk in the capital and aims to attract thousands of young, talented performers into Busking.

  • PHAR Music have been appointed by the Greater London Authority to find partners for the scheme and this morning Ticketmaster UK were announced as the first associate partner in a deal procured by PHAR.

  • London's first Busking Code of Conduct unveiled, common sense rules, devised by performers, councils, businesses and the police

Nihal Pekbeken, VP of Marketing, Ticketmaster UK, said: 'We are proud of London's rich, diverse, cultural heritage and wanted to showcase the emerging world of live entertainment through the creation of Ticketmaster's tm Rising campaign. Our collaboration with Busk in London ensures we are able to introduce new talent from the streets of London to our audiences. From buskers to comedians, tm Rising brings the best of unknown talent to the forefront.'