Manchester Business School Appoints PHAR to develop and deliver a commercial partnerships programme


PHAR has been appointed by Manchester Business School, part of the University of Manchester, to develop and deliver a partnerships programme. Our first piece of work will be to evaluate the potential partnership opportunity, a piece of work that will be carried out by PHAR Insight. Once completed, we will then engage with the market, both in the UK and internationally, to secure relevant partnerships with appropriate brands across multiple sectors.Russell Miller, Director of Sponsorship and Business Relations at Manchester Business School had this to say about PHAR’s appointment and the project they’re undertaking: “We’re delighted to be working with PHAR Partnerships. MBS offers a unique proposition to its partners. We see huge potential in creating longer-term partnerships with international brands who want to reach our national and international audiences, while getting close to our world-class research.”

Ian Tussie, Head of Partnership at PHAR who also runs PHAR’s Manchester office said, “MBS is a really exciting rights owner for us to be working with and we are looking forward to beginning this project. We strongly believe that for a brand, the opportunity to engage with students and enhance their experience during an exciting and equally vital time in their lives. MBS is one of the top 10 University business schools in the UK and renowned internationally as well and we are confident that its reputation will help attract leading brands.”