Prem Bhatia on Creating Non-Fare Box Revenue Streams


PHAR’s Managing Director for Asia, Prem Bhatia spoke at the Philippine Railway Expansion and Technology Summit in Manila on June 20th.

The event brought together local and international stakeholders, government offices, operators and solution providers to discuss the current rail sector development’s progress in the country, and the multiple challenges it entails.

Prem spoke about how developing non-fare box revenue streams could serve the 1.3m people that travels on trains in Manila. Prem shared global best practices across MRT’s in Tokyo, the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore and their approaches to non-farebox revenue generation, including but not limited to how Property, Payments, Data and Advertising are the cornerstones of non-fare box revenue, and the increasing role technology plays in getting the various elements to work together.

TUBE, Manila’s first in-train passenger information + entertainment system was also unveiled as July marks the launch of TUBE’s debut across all 3 lines in Manila.