PHAR Insights conducts market research for The Science Museum


PHAR Insight worked with The Science Museum to carry out brand research to support the Corporate Relationships team in building high-value partnerships with the commercial sector and realise the full potential from its stature as one of the world’s most important and respected institutions.

PHAR designed a comprehensive programme of research and analysis, analysing the value of the Science Museum’s assets and also conducting original research into the values associated with the Science Museum – and attitudes towards the benefits created for individuals and for the UK economy from advancing the STEM subjects for which the Science Museum provides both inspiration and a world-class learning resource. 

The unique insights from this research and analysis are now used by the Corporate relationships team to provide a compelling evidence base that help to demonstrate the value of partnership with the Science Museum for potential partners.  

“The Science Museum has worked with many leading sponsors and partners over the years, leading the way in the museum sector,” commented Penny Canepa-Anson, Associate Director of Development at The Science Museum.  “The in-depth programme of research and analysis designed by PHAR Insight has provided us with strong evidence for our partners on where our points of strength and differentiation lie and enabled us to strengthen our case for partnership. It is widely used by the team and has strengthened our understanding of the value of our brand and our assets internally as well as externally.”