Transport for Wales Appoints PHAR to Advise on the new South Wales Metro


The new South Wales Metro is an ambitious project linking people and jobs across South East Wales in a fast, efficient and environmentally positive way. Transport for Wales are investing £738m to transform the valley lines to the north of Cardiff, electrifying 172 km of track and upgrading infrastructure to enable improved journey times and more trains every hour. A further investment of over £800m will also ensure that 95% of journeys across Wales and the Borders will be on new trains by 2023.

Transport for Wales, the Welsh government-owned transport authority, has engaged PHAR to undertake a comprehensive review of potential that this offers for creating sponsorship opportunities, to help contribute towards funding future enhancements to the passenger experience.

Including a comprehensive study into transport sponsorships from around the world, PHAR’s report provides Transport for Wales with a thorough, wide-ranging and evidence-based assessment of where the strongest opportunities exist for creating attractive sponsorship opportunities, how packages may best be structured, the brands for which these opportunities may be most relevant and what the opportunities are worth – alongside a roadmap for how the strongest opportunities may now be developed to take to the marketplace.

“PHAR has great experience both in the UK and overseas of assessing and developing sponsorship opportunities for public transport authorities, “ commented David O’Leary, Transport for Wales Commercial and Customer Experience Director. “Their knowledge of this sector, alongside the hard evidence they have pulled together from the marketplace, has given us thorough understanding of where the potential lies for sponsorship with the South Wales Metro project, and the steps we can take to enable that potential to be realised. Truly valuable advice and expertise to help us shape our plans in this extremely important area.”