In keeping with Indonesian traditions, Phar Partnerships celebrated Lebaran (which is the famous two day holiday in the Indonesian calendar) by creating some traditionally themed partnerships across the Pertamina petrol stations, named “Pertamina Mudik”.

Mudik is one of the largest temporary human migrations globally is the prevailing custom of the Lebaran where workers, particularly unskilled labourers such as maids and construction workers, return to their home town or city to celebrate with their families and to ask forgiveness from parents, in-laws, and other elders. This is known in Indonesia as mudik or pulang kampung (homecoming).

With millions of cars and motocycles travelling along Java’s northern coast road, Danone Indonesia were promoting their association with the traditional festivities through; 

-          T- banners and Poster site advertising

-          Offering free ‘Aqua’ water bottles

-          Offering free car wash’s and tyre pressure checks

-          Sales booths to promote various Danone products

-          Sales promotion girls were present in every SPBU in the northern coast roads

The campaign ran from 22nd – 29th June and reached over 1,000,000 cars during this time.