PHAR launches new digital marketing ecosystem on Manila's Metro


Having been appointed in 2016 as the exclusive ancillary revenue partner of LRT-1 operator Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC), PHAR has just finished installing digital ad assets as part of the upgrades of the recently inaugurated new Doroteo Jose station.

With their refreshed looks, LRT-1’s new ad assets have become more effective platforms to reach Filipino consumers.

“LRT-1 is a marketing ecosystem which remains highly untapped. It has great potential to increase awareness for different brands and has key points that can nurture and deepen brand loyalty,” said PHAR Managing Director for Asia Prem Bhatia.

“With digital advertising environment, cloud-controlled software, the introduction of free Wi-Fi plus the presence of a standardized retailing in LRT-1, consumers experience much more than advertising, they witness a creation of a marketing ecosystem,” Bhatia added

PHAR has already signed Globe, Smart, PSBank, Cherry Mobile, and Lamoiyan Corporation to venture in the LRT-1 ecosystem.