Following our successful launch of a similar program in Kuala Lumpur, PHAR has been appointed to create a naming rights and station partnership program in Manila, Philippines.

We are offering brands the opportunity to sponsor the EDSA LRT-1 station, including the right to integrate their brand identity into the name of the station.

Currently, the LRT-1 line’s monthly ridership is 13.5 million, and EDSA accounts for 1.5 million monthly riders.

The revenue generated from this exercise will be used for the upgrade of the EDSA LRT-1 station. This includes the rehabilitation of the roofing and flooring of the station, complete electrical overhaul, additional security measures and passenger conveniences, and introduction of a retail environment.

Commenting on the program, PHAR Managing Director Prem Bhatia said, “Urban transport is a critical component of any metropolis and programs like this are the most exclusive type of initiatives available to marketers. It helps companies and brands demonstrate their willingness to invest in their cities’ development, while engaging with thousands of daily commuters, over several years. It has been successfully implemented in cities like Kuala Lumpur, New York, Madrid, Philadelphia and New Delhi and we look forward to making it a reality in Manila.”

The criteria under which companies can apply for the program include that it is a multi-year agreement, and restricted to businesses established in the Philippines, for at least two years. The RFP can be downloaded from Queries may be sent to