• What is the potential size of the opportunity? 

  • What are the assets, rights and benefits that we can offer to brands?

  • How to create opportunities and packages that are attractive to brands?

  • What is the right price?

  • Which brands to target?

Building on 20 years’ sponsorship experience, PHAR has developed a 6-step process to help property owners understand scale of what the sponsorship opportunity could be with, and create a framework to enable that potential to be achieved. 

Combining our own specialist knowledge and experience with the evidence of the marketplace, we provide an objective, reasoned assessment of what the opportunity could be worth and a roadmap for how to get there.


  • What is the opportunity worth?

  • What is the value of the tangible benefits?

  • How to assess the opportunity’s strength versus my strategic objectives?

  • What is the ‘right’ price to pay?

  • How to compare the overall value between different sponsorships?

  • Does the sponsorship actually work?

Building on 20 years’ experience specialising in sponsorship evaluation and analytics, PHAR Insight has created a suite of industry-leading proprietary analysis tools, to provide brands with the most credible and accurate answers to some of the most fundamental questions a sponsor faces.


the 6-step process involves:

our tools include: