The Mayor of Manchester has appointed Olympic gold medallist Chris Boardman to develop a programme to make Manchester a safer, more accessible place for people to walk and cycle. The programme – Made To Move – involves a range of initiatives including designated routes and safe junctions (named Bee Networks) and a new cycle hire scheme.

PHAR was appointed to assess the scale and nature of the opportunity associated with the Made To Move programme as a whole, identifying the potential sponsorship opportunities and rights and assessing how best to structure the sponsorship programme (e.g. whether to have just one sponsor across the entire programme, different sponsors for different assets, etc). 

Our report clearly identified the most attractive overall sponsorship architecture and detailed packages to take to the market, along with the prices at which they should be offered and the strongest priority target brands for each opportunity.

25.09.2015 Bath Rugby renews Ricoh UK partnership_tcm81-12908.jpg


For 5 years Ricoh has been a sponsor of the Rugby Premiership, with a particular focus on growing awareness of the company’s range of products and IT services amongst a core business audience.

PHAR has designed and managed a tracking programme to measure the impact of the sponsorship on awareness of Ricoh’s product range, and on perceptions of the Ricoh brand – overall and relative to competitors.

The research has provided Ricoh with clear, objective evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of the sponsorship at achieving these core brand and business objectives.

25.09.2015 Bath Rugby renews Ricoh UK partnership_tcm81-12908.jpg


What is a bridge worth as a sponsorship opportunity?

There are very few examples around of brands sponsoring bridges, so Tower Hamlets appointed PHAR to explore the potential for sponsorship to contribute towards the cost of building a new footbridge in London’s financial district in Canary Wharf.

PHAR undertook a comprehensive review of all various options (sponsorship vs advertising, naming rights vs several non-naming partners, etc), and assessed the commercial potential – and level of risk – associated with each one.

Tower Hamlets was thus able to present to the Mayor a comprehensive and evidence-based assessment of the opportunity, and a clear recommendation for how to maximise the commercial opportunity.



Property developer Yoo Capital is investing £1 billion in transforming London’s historic Olympia exhibition centre, creating a new world-class leisure, office and dining destination in one of London’s most exclusive districts. 

In order to understand the scale and nature of the opportunity for creating sponsorships connected to the new assets being created, Yoo Capital appointed PHAR to review the marketplace, identifying precedents and benchmarks from around the world and, from this evidence, providing the project’s investors with clear-credible insights and recommendations as to the potential contribution from sponsorships.