Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC)


Beginning in 2015, PHAR entered into a 10-year agreement with Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC) to become its’ exclusive ancillary (non-fare) revenue generating partner through commercializing opportunities such as advertising, brand partnerships, naming rights, WiFi and retail.

Alongside creating a brand new advertising environment across all 20 LRT stations, including a digital simulcast system and giant video walls for advertisers to benefit from, PHAR have also formed a variety of longer term partnerships including the ‘Yamaha Momumento’ station naming rights programme, Coke’s station domination of Central station and Globe Telecom providing free WiFi to the daily passengers across the LRT1 line’s 20 stations.

About Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRMC)

LRMC is a consortium consisting of Metro Pacific Light Rail Corporation, AC Infrastructure Holdings Corporation, and Macquarie Infrastructure Holdings (Philippines) PTE Ltd. LRMC is responsible for the light rail network in Manila, which transport over 550,000 passengers every day