To run advertising on there are a number of different sizes required depending on the inventory booked. Three of these are standard iab sizes, and one (for the web check-in boarding pass) is a custom size. Please follow the below guide for designing your creative, and please adhere to the guidelines and rules below.

  • Homepage Takeover (Carousel) - ( 1,440(w) x 571(h) ) - Homepage
  • Mini-Leaderboard ( 554(w) x 90(h) ) and ( 453(w) x 90(h) )  -  Homepage
  • Custom ( 160(w) x 600(h) and 992(w) x 160(h) and 625(w) x 160(h) and 360(w) x 160(h) )  -  Online Itinerary
  • Leaderboard ( 728(w) x 90(h) )  -  ROS, Web Itinerary
  • Custom ( 650(w) x 110(h) )  -  Web Check-In Boarding Pass

Retargeting (off-site)

  • Super Leaderboard ( 970(w) x 90(h) )
  • Leaderboard ( 728(w) x 90(h) ) 
  • Skyscraper ( 160(w) x 600(h) ) 
  • Medium rectangle ( 300(w) x 250(h) ) 
  • Half-Page ( 300(w) x 600(h) ) 
  • Mobile Web 1 ( 320(w) x 50(h) )
  • Mobile Web 2 ( 250(w) x 250(h) )
  • Mobile Web 3 ( 300(w) x 50(h) )

Facebook (FBX)

  • RHS ( 600 (w) x 315(h)  (rendered as 254x133) ), Title (25 characters max incl. spaces), Body Text (90 characters max incl. spaces)
  • News Feed ( 600 (w) x 315(h) ), Title (25 characters max incl. spaces), Message (500 characters max incl. spaces), Link Description (200 characters max incl. spaces)
  1. Creative text limit:  Creative images may not include more than 20% text
  2. To test your creative, please utilize FB's grid tool, found here: 



  1. large background image.                                                                                                                                                                         - The focal point of the large background image should be to the right so it does not get covered by the search box                       - It should be travel related                                                                                                                                                                       - There should be no logos or text
  2. Headline max char: 45chars (including spaces)
  3. Sub headline max char: 45 chars (including spaces)
  4. Call to action max char: 10chars (including spaces)


  1. Maximum file size 40Kb
  2. All art work (except Homepage Takeover Carousel) must include a 1px gray #CCCCCC non-curved border
  3. Homepage Takeover Carousel: the focus of the image should be to the right hand side, image should be travel related, no logo or text allowed
  4. No URL on the artwork
  5. Animation is allowed; 15 seconds non-looping
  6. Accepted formats are JPEG/GIF and 3rd party tracking script tag (we accept HTML5 creatives only via 3rd party tags)