Data driven solutions

Knowing the right user to target is key to a successful campaign. We target the right customer at the right time, using real transactional data direct from our partners. We have a number of key profile types upon which we can target, as follows:

Reach, Engage and Convert

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, encourage engagement or to increase conversions, we have a number of solutions that will target your message and deliver results.


Millions of monthly impressions are exclusively available across 20 different AirAsia country sites in 12 languages, engaging site visitors to your brand via this trusted medium. Using our sophisticated targeting technology we are able to reach travellers even when they have navigated away from We have our own trading and campaign management team who are constantly optimising campaigns for increased performance.

Social, Mobile and Video

We leverage mobile, social and video sites for added engagement while still targeting using our transactional traveller and other data. Target your messaging via these channels for added impact, and we will enable cross device attribution and analytics. Create a dialogue for your content and utilise the web's most engaging touchpoints.



Retargeting is a powerful targeting and branding method which allows advertisers to target a specific set of users based on their online behaviour. This method reaches out to the large bulk of users who display interest but do not convert right away. When we overlay this information with our database we can get the clearest indication of purchase intention and decision making. 

The Connected Journey

Unique to PHAR Focus is our ability to create a multi-touchpoint campaign that reinforces your message throughout the traveller journey. Learn more about this impactful solution here.