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PHAR Music connects the New FIAT 500 with Ella Eyre

PHAR Music connects the New FIAT 500 with Ella Eyre

The New FIAT 500 re-masters an iconic track with Ella Eyre at an exclusive event The New FIAT 500 and British singer-songwriter Ella Eyre are set to re-master one of the world’s great pop tracks live in London today. Specially-invited guests and members of the media will see the New FIAT 500 on stage with Ella Eyre as they perform a specially re-mastered version of the No. 1 track “Best of My Love” by The Emotions bringing the UK launch of the New FIAT 500 to a spectacular conclusion. Details of how the New FIAT 500 will make its contribution to the track, and where the landmark London location for this special event will take place, are both still under wraps, however...[read more]

PHAR Music partner Jools Holland with Sony Mobile

PHAR Music partner Jools Holland with Sony Mobile

Sony Mobile were looking for someone who could speak with some authority on how music is made and the benefits of lossless digital files over the compressed digital music files we’re all used to. PHAR Music suggested that Jools Holland would be the perfect spokesperson and worked with Sony agency HeyHuman to put this association together.

Jools Holland has partnered with Sony Xperia Z3+ for a new video. The musician discusses the importance of hearing music in high-resolution and demonstrates all the qualities that can otherwise be missed if music is streamed or listened to on compressed formats.


Watch the Video Here


PHAR Music produces exclusive talent content for Samsung in Asia

PHAR Music produces exclusive talent content for Samsung in Asia


PHAR Music has worked with Samsung UK for some years, most recently devising Samsung Smart Ticket. To demonstrate the concept we put together the Samsung Studio Galaxy Live series of gigs, the first ‘general sale’ e-ticketed music events in the world. These shows featured major UK live acts including Biffy Clyro, Bastille and Laura Mvula. Samsung Smart Ticket has received international acclaim and we look forward to developing it further in the near future.

When we shared this work with Samsung in Singapore we were asked to procure and film interviews with international talent for their highly successful pan-Asian Galaxy Life App. The first content will go live in July.

PHAR Music's Denzil Thomas to speak at International Live Music Conference

Anyone at the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) tomorrow, Saturday 8th March, Denzil Thomas Head of Music at PHAR Partnerships will be speaking on two panels, the second of which will feature a presentation about our Samsung Smart Ticket work: 12:00 – 13:30 Sponsorship: Working with the Big Cats


14:30 -16:00

New Technology the Cabinet of Wonders


PHAR Music conceives a revolution in live ticketing for Samsung

Today Samsung announce a revolutionary new live music technology; Smart Ticket. Conceived by PHAR Music as the ultimate vehicle to make Samsung’s association with live music appropriate, Smart Ticket places Samsung at the heart of the artist/fan relationship, something the majority of branded music associations struggle to achieve. [vimeo id="76437463" width="600" height="350"]

PHAR Music has also put together a series of four shows to showcase the technology.


Biffy Clyro, Laura Mvula, Bullet for my Valentine and Bastille to make up the Galaxy Studio Live complete with revolutionary smart ticket technology

10 October 2013, London, UK –Today Samsung Electronics UK has announced the launch of Galaxy Studio Live, a series of live gigs taking place throughout the UK using innovative smart ticket technology to improve the experience for music fans and artists, as part of Samsung’s ongoing commitment to live music.

The Samsung Galaxy Studio Live tour kicks off with Biffy Clyro on October 28th, followed by Laura Mvula on November 13th, Bullet for my Valentine on November 27th and Bastille on December 20th.

The Samsung Galaxy Studio Live tour features the Samsung Smart Ticket app, created to help artists get closer to their fans through smartphone technology. The Smart Ticket app has been designed to improve the live music experience by fair ticketing distribution and removes the need for booking fees. Personalised artist interaction before the event, NFC and cashless technology at the live show, and exclusive content will also be made available to fans the moment the event ends.

From the moment fans purchase their tickets they will have access to a host of exclusive content delivered direct to their smartphones, including news, images, music videos, free downloads, community posts and messages from music artists.

The Smart Ticket app helps fans get to the event, with bespoke travel information, and to get around easily when they get there, using digital maps and in-venue panoramic wayfinding. The app utilises native handset and platform features including WiFi, GPS, compass, video players and in the case of Samsung handsets, NFC.

As part of the live experience the Smart Ticket App creates a unique light show that fans and artists can join in with using proprietary technology from Makelight. This technology will allow fans to hold up their phones during the gig to create a mass of pixels which will form the light show.

Fan photos and tweets taken at the live show are tagged and shared with other Smart Ticket devices and screens around the venue creating an interactive experience, while the Smart Ticket app links directly to PayPal and enables contactless payments using NFC at the gig venues.

Immediately after the show gig goers will be able to stream, in HD quality, up to five exclusive tracks from the live set they have just watched free of charge on their mobile device, reducing the need for fans to film the event themselves so they can concentrate on the artist’s performance.

Music fans can apply for tickets today for all four shows, where they will then be entered into a prize draw, selected at random and then contacted via SMS and email if they have been successful. Once tickets have been purchased users will be directed to download the Smart Ticket app. This works across Android and iOS devices and as a web app on feature phones and other devices.

Biff Clyro said “Ticketing on smartphones is a great idea and can hopefully start to combat the ticket touts that rip the real fans off. We are very excited about playing the show and finding new ways of giving people an easier and more fun experience”.

Simon Stanford, Vice President of IT & Mobile Division, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland, said: “Samsung is committed to using technology innovations to improve the live music experience for fans and artists. The Samsung Galaxy Studio Live features some of the UK’s top artists playing at some of the best live music venues around, with the experience for both artists and fans enhanced through Samsung’s mobile technology.”

Brian Message, Chairman of the Music Managers Forum, partner at ATC Management, Laura's management company said, “At the MMF we have believed for a while that the smartphone is the key music device of the future. Market penetration is sufficiently high and the devices have widespread support from both the traditional and emerging music businesses.

Electronic concert ticketing is widely accepted as a great idea and, not least, as one of the means of tackling the much-publicised problems related to un-regulated secondary ticketing. It is great to see the largest smartphone manufacturer Samsung take the initiative with a technology which also enhances the most important relationship in music, that between artist and fan. We look forward to Smart Tickets becoming as natural to buying a concert ticket as downloads have become to buying recordings.”

 For more information and to apply for tickets please visit:

Phar Partnerships hires Denzil Thomas to set up PHAR MUSIC


Phar Partnerships hires Denzil Thomas to set up PHAR MUSIC


PHAR Partnerships, a rapidly growing international media and marketing business with over 40 staff in 6 countries, today announces the addition of a senior member to its expanding team. Denzil Thomas in his role as Managing Director at PHAR Music will head up a new division focusing on Branded Music Partnerships. The hire signals an important move into a new area of business for PHAR, the division will offer expert advice on how brand associations can be structured in this complicated area to achieve their full potential. Denzil Thomas joins from leading UK integrated marketing agency Billington Cartmell, where he has been Business Director Music for the last 5 years. With 18 years’ experience in branded music associations, working at the Mama Group, the NME and as an independent, Denzil is recognised as the industry’s leading expert in this area. Denzil is a veteran of over 100 music campaigns, having recently devised award-winning solutions such as Lexus and Kylie Minogue, Lucozade ‘7 Artists’, the Sennhesier Labrinth challenge and the first ever ticketless festivals in Europe with Samsung. He has previously launched campaigns and worked as a music strategist for Disney, Unilever, Vodafone, Carlsberg, Kraft, LG, Orange, Diageo, O2, Coca-Cola and Barclaycard, to name just a few.

“Branded music associations are undergoing unprecedented global growth, but getting it right is notoriously hard - which is probably why sport still attracts five times the income”, commented Denzil. “In the past 10 years I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best brands in the world on successful campaigns which have proved that – with some thinking and experience – every single branded music association can work effectively. The opportunity at PHAR is to use this experience to help more brands work with music globally.”

Marcus Wight, CEO of PHAR Partnerships, added, “Our clients in both the UK and internationally are increasingly asking us how we can help them to create successful and innovative partnerships that work in music. In persuading Denzil to join the senior management team at PHAR we have secured a major coup and are now in an excellent position to provide solutions to their questions. Denzil’s appointment is another substantial leap forward towards PHAR becoming a true all round sponsorship consultancy.”