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PHAR appointed by the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation

PHAR appointed by the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation


PHAR is working with The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation to secure partners for Bart's Bash, the monster sized attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for 'The Largest Sailing Event in the World'. So far nearly 600 sailing clubs in 40+ countries across five continents have signed up to the initiative. Click here to see what clubs are participating in the interactive map.

The event’s Olympic champion ambassadors include Sir Ben Ainslie, Robert Scheidt, Iain Percy, Paul Goodison, Shirley Robertson and Tom Slingsby.

The Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation is a UK based charity set up to inspire the next generation of young people through sailing.

The Foundation was established in memory of Olympic champion Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson, an elite sailor of exceptional talent and a man who understood the value that sailing could bring to the personal development and achievement of young people

Founded by Sir Ben Ainslie, Iain Percy OBE and Andrew’s wife Leah, it works to honour Andrew’s life and legacy by encouraging young people into sailing and to enjoy the water as much as he did.

The Foundation aims to promote the sport of sailing through a number of activities including the Olympic Ambassador school visit programme, the Bart’s Bash mass participation event and through its sailing centre on the Olympic waters in Weymouth.

If you would be interested  in hearing more  please get in touch with David Tyler –

PHAR Insight takes sponsorship evaluation and strategy planning to a new level

PHAR Insight takes sponsorship evaluation and strategy planning to a new level


A new set of sponsorship planning and evaluation tools developed by PHAR’s Insight team has been making a real difference for a growing number of brands and rights holders. Recognised as one of the industry’s leading experts in sponsorship analysis and strategy, our Insight team has spent 9 months developing tools which are designed to provide better, more credible and more actionable evidence – to identify how sponsorship value can be maximised and to guide decision-making.

Ignoring ‘industry-standard’ practices and focusing on the ultimate reasons why brands invest in sponsorship in the first place, these tools have now been successfully rolled out across clients including the Women’s Tennis Association, Chelsea FC, the Liverpool Arena, the Malaysian National Stadium and several blue-chip brands.

“PHAR’s new analysis tools have given us a much clearer understanding of what our venues’ naming rights are truly worth,” says Rob March, Head of Commercial and Sponsorship at ACC Liverpool. “Rather than simply calculating a media-equivalent value based on estimated impressions, their analysis looked at each sponsorship benefit on a meaningful line-by-line basis – and, crucially, incorporated into the analysis the strategic benefits we offer. Without an evaluation of the opportunity’s intangibles any analysis is only assessing one half of the value – Phar has developed some really clever techniques to assess strategic strength and then work that into the calculation of value.”

PHAR’s tools include:

SELECTOR Analysis to help brands identify which sponsorships best fit their strategic objectives and which deliver the strongest ROI

EVALUATOR Research and evaluation to enable brands to assess the performances of their current sponsorships, including the impact they are generating for the brand and the business

OPTIMISER A suite of techniques to enable rights holders to identify the value of their assets, to identify target brands, and to identify how to optimise the allocation of inventory between partnership packages