On the 12th May 2014, PHAR signed an agreement with Pertamina to become their exclusive agency to manage all advertising sales and experiential marketing programmes at SPBU’s in Indonesia.  Pertamina has a 99% share of the fuel sales market, and PHAR will manage 3,300 across Java and Bali.  The photo below shows PHAR CEO Marcus Wight and Asia MD Prem Bhatia at the signing of the contract along with key Pertamina representatives including Mr Zulfiansyah, Mr Iskandar and Mr Suhartoko. PHAR have created the Pertamina Brand Partner Programme, enabling brands to select SPBU’s based on their target demographics and preferred geographical locations, benefitting from an analysis programme that measures the number of eyeballs as well as consumer research on consumption habits at the petrol stations, and perception of those brands taking part in the programme.  Through this programme PHAR can offer brands advertising, activation  and retail promotion services at a scale that best fits a companines objectives.  The first PHAR managed SPBU went live in Jakarta last week - any further information you would like on this project please contact

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