This international banking group engaged PHAR Focus to devise an acquisition optimised campaign to the AirAsia audience. With a relevant traveller offering of a free flight,  we were excited to launch this relevant campaign.

We reached millions of users in Malaysia and have engaged over 40,000 passengers to date. Tracking results and strategies daily, we achieved a 300% increase in CTC (click to conversion) and greatly improved acceptance from the high quality audience. Utilising actual transactional data meant we were targeting an audience who was likely to be accepted for a card.

This Singaporean telco engaged PHAR Focus with a specific brief to target frequent travellers from Singapore to Malaysia as well as frequent travellers from Malaysia to Singapore to promote their new 'Happy Roam' data roaming offering.

We ran the campaign on to increase awareness of the new service and encourage travellers to pick up a sim when in Singapore, as well as targeting those regular travellers programmatically for additional reach and impact. We have engaged over 1,300 travellers to date, and the popular campaign continues to reach its target audience.

This online media streaming service is working with PHAR Focus to drive trial users of its innovative new entertainment service across three markets: Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines. As this is a new service, we are focusing the campaign on to leverage the trusted site and encourage user trials.

After engaging thousands of users, we have now been asked to look at focusing the messaging even further to promote the traveller friendly download service, to encourage users to download their favourite films and tv shows pre-flight to watch on board. We will achieve this through recency targeting pre-flight and insight learnings from their previous successful campaign.

Regular client Accor returned to advertise on for their June 2015 super sale, with the goal of promoting their limited time sales offer and ultimately driving direct bookings. Travellers flying in to and searching for flights to destinations with Accor hotels were the focus of the targeting.

Optimisation of the campaign, utilising the many data points available in the Focus+ programmatic platform ensured increased traffic to the booking engine within a short 5 day optimisation window. CTRs grew from 0.4 to 1.2% in one of the most highly engaging campaigns we have run on thanks to the time limited offer and specific targeting to the right travellers.