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7 Benefits of Online Display Advertising

According to Statista (Statista, 2015), the online advertising expenditure in the Asia Pacific region has gradually increased and it is predicted that it will reach 53.16 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, which means the spend on marketing budget is leaning towards online display advertising.

Why will online display advertising become the trend and preference for marketers? Not only that now is the digital era, it is also because this method can scale and reach the largest target audiences possible at anywhere in the buying process - something other marketing channels cannot. This type of advertising not only uses text to communicate with the audience, but also flash, image, video, and audio on web sites.  

If you still not sure whether to include display advertising in your marketing campaign? Here are the 7 reasons to give it a try.

1.     Cost Effective. Unlike traditional advertising methods, online display ads give marketers a cost-effective way to engage their target audiences without wasting a single ad impression on those who are not the target audience.

2.     Get the ads to appear on relevant sites. Your ads can be shown to your target audience on contextually relevant sites (websites your target audience usually visits or content that they read associated to your product/service). This will increase the likelihood of getting attention and clicks or even acquisitions.

3.     Retargeting target audience. Considering that your target audience might not convert the first time they see your ad, a retargeting strategy will allow them to recall your product/service through showing the display ads again in a timely manner.

4.     Increase brand exposure. Exposure at scale on the relevant web sites or social media can reinforce the message and then influence your target audiences’ buying decision.

5.     Real Time conversion measurement.  Your display ads will be effectively shown to specific target audiences and the impact can accrue analytic data that includes click through, acquisition or impression statistics for you to review in real time.

6.     Ability to track. Using display ads will enable you to receive a daily or weekly update and track the click-through rate, unique visitors and impressions. The daily or weekly update will reveal the effectiveness of the current strategies and guide you to better strategies if it is under-performing.

7.     Ability to run A/B testing.  You have the chance to either test a strategy then adjust it once the result does not meet your expectation or test several strategies at the same times then decide to use the most effective strategy/strategies so to get the best outcome. Algorithms can automate this process considering hundreds of data points.

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