Good day! Welcome to the new Phar Focus blog.

Coupled with our exclusive research on digital consumer behaviours and insights generated from our past and present work with partners, this blog will serve as an avenue for sharing and discussing of prevailing trends in the technology and advertising sphere – along with important updates on our business and custom offerings.

Who are we? Phar Focus is the premiere digital media agency in Asia Pacific with a strong forte in programmatic media buying and media mix management. Our specialist team of ad traders combine regional knowledge and cutting-edge programmatic technology to deliver strategic and custom campaigns for marketers across the region and help them to achieve their digital marketing objectives. We grant marketers the exclusive access to AirAsia’s high-quality media, unlocking marketer’s potential to reach their target audience among AirAsia’s 50 million travel consumers.

The posts on our blog will be authored by our passionate specialist team as well as guests from across the industry. Stay tuned for next week’s update as we explore the programmatic media scene in Asia and share our take on the regional challenges & opportunities here.

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