Combining decades of experience working in all areas of the sponsorship mix, we specialise in brilliant basics coupled with innovative and bespoke activation ideas. No magic, no gimmicks – just tried and tested knowledge, experience and expertise. We can help you across a wide range of areas, but some specific examples are listed below.

Strategic consultancy, insight and analysis for maximising the opportunity:

  • Objectives (and thus activity) linked directly to corporate goals – a crucial first step
  • Market analysis to understand what will work best for the most relevant audiences
  • Activation plans designed to hit these audiences with maximum impact
  • Incorporating KPIs and relevant measurement tools at every step of the process for ROI tracking, internal reporting and future strategy decisions

Cost effective and pragmatic sponsorship implementation:

  • Focusing on key elements for success, delivered simply and effectively
  • Managed directly by highly experienced personnel, overseeing actions of highest quality staff
  • Representing client to ensure the most successful relationships with the rights holder
  • Internal, external and community programme management
  • Risk assessment and crisis planning

Regardless of what stage you’re at in the sponsorship cycle, or if you’d just like to understand the industry a little more, we'd love to meet you for an informal chat about any of your future plans, so please get in touch.


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